As an innovative & progressive small law firm we aim to provide personal service, transparent & fixed fee cost effective legal
  solutions. We aim to facilitate an open, positive process by email, sms and mobile phone. Your questions and concerns will be
  dealt with as quickly as possible and you will be kept informed as far as possible.  


                                        non conveyance - reasonable negotiated fees with costing based on complexity, skill & involvement
f e e s   a r e   n e g o t i a b l e   a n d   w h i l e  t h e r e  a r e   n o  s h o r t c u t s  w i t h  l e g a l   p r o c e s s e s   o u r         
f e e s   a r e   k e p t   d o w n  b y  c l o u d  t e c h n o l o g y  a n d  r e d u c e d   o v e r h e a d s           

- we are committed to family values and equality for gender, race and the disadvantaged -           

sale or purchase $880.00 GST inclusive + disbursements & sundries
- any other quote will be matched - please call to discuss -

Convenient Client Meetings in Tuggeranong - Beconnen - City - Gungahlin 

l  a  w  y  e  r s
"progressive lawyering and personal service"
t r a n s p a r e n t   a n d   f i x e d   f e e   c o n v e y a n c i n g
conveyance - property - contract - commercial law for all trades, business & professions - IT agreements - partnerships - licensing - leasing  
contract disputes - insurance claims - personal & termination agreements - family law property - trusts - wills & power of attorney- contesting wills
l   a   w   y   e   r   s 
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